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The Ramsey County HIC demonstrates the entire housing stock for homelessness response programs annually.  This report compares the results of the 2016 and 2017 HIC for Ramsey County.  Click here to view the report.


Click here for 2018 HIC results in Ramsey County.


The Ramsey County PIT illustrates the total number of persons experiencing homelessness through emergency shelters, transitional housing, or unsheltered homelessness on a single night.

The 2018 Ramsey County PIT data: Click Here


This 2017 Ramsey County PIT presentation provides important findings from the 2016 PIT. Click here to view the report.

This report compares the PIT from 2013-2017 in Ramsey County. Click here to view the report.

The System Performance Measures (SPM) indicate Heading Home Ramsey’s progress towards ending homelessness.  This comparison uses a scorecard to evaluate our improvement, using federal fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Click here to view the report.

Ramsey County submitted the first set of measures with HMIS data in August of 2016. These measures are intended to cover the entire system of homeless services in Ramsey CoC and provide a basis for our CoC's priorities, plans and data for the NOFA. Click here to learn more about these measures, what data they are based on and what this information will be used for. 

The FHPAP dashboard is presented quarterly to all FHPAP sub-grantees and the FHPAP Advisory committee.  It monitors alignment with contracted projections, expenditures, and other funder expectations like data quality.  This dashboard represents all activities until quarter 7 of the biennium ending June 2017. Click here to view the dashboard.

Heading Home Ramsey's (HHR) Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter (CAHS) annual reports provide an overview of the processes involved in and families served by the CAHS system. 

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) partners with federal, state and local partners working to end veteran homelessness. The Veteran Homeless Registry was created by MDVA to track the work being done to assist homeless veterans with finding and maintaining housing. Data from the Veteran Homeless Registry describes the progress being made to end veteran homelessness in the Minnesota.

Click here to learn more.