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Heading Home Ramsey Data Dashboard

The Heading Home Ramsey (HHR) Data Dashboard is a collection of seven prioritized measures by the HHR Governing Board (GB). The dashboard is available on this HHR webpage and also the Ramsey County Open Data Portal webpage.

The 7 prioritized measures:

  • Measure 1: How many people are experiencing homelessness in Emergency Shelter/Street Outreach (ES/SO) Programs? 
  • Measure 2: How long are families and singles on the waiting list after they've been assessed for housing in Coordinated Entry (as of 2/2/2021)?
  • Measure 3: How many people in shelters are new to homelessness this year? How many have previously experienced homelessness?
  • Measure 4: How much of each type of housing is available across the continuum?
  • Measure 5: How many people are entering or leaving our housing projects?
  • Measure 6: Have we helpted increase the income of the people we have served?
  • Measure 7: How many people returned to homelessness within 6 months of leaving a program?