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Prevention Assistance


Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) funds is an on-going grant that Ramsey County receives through Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) to fund four different service models within Ramsey County: street outreach, prevention assistsance, homeless assistance, and transitional housing/rapid rehousing. FHPAP funds target single adults, youth ages 24 and younger, and/or families with minor children that are at risk of homelessness or already experiencing homelessness.


Please click on the link below to obtain a contact list of the currently funded FHPAP providers in Ramsey County:



Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) is available through the City of St. Paul.  ESG funds can be used for street outreach, operational costs of emergency shelters, rapidly rehouse homeless individuals and families, and prevent individuals/families from becoming homeless.  For more information on ESG funds, please contact: Joe Collins at 651-266-6020.


ESG Providers:

-  One time Deposit assistance if a household has already used Emergency Assistance funds and is literally homeless (ie: in shelter, sleeping outside, in a car, or other place not meant for human habitation)